All Nordic countries have witnessed a dramatic loss in the manufacturing sector over the last 25 years. A number of underlying factors explain the downward trend, including offshoring of production, loss of competitiveness vis-a-vis newly industrialised countries and outsourcing of non-core activities to service providers. As part of the Danish chairmanship for the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Danish Business Authority has since 2015 led a project with the overall purpose of keeping manufacturing jobs within the Nordic region by improving the ability of companies to use and benefit from automation and digitization.

As part of this project, 15 Nordic business cases have been identificed. The 15 companies have all increased productivity through digital solutions and automation. On this site, we have gathered videos and cases about the companies, and the hope is, that this material can serve as inspiration to other Nordic companies. The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers with The Danish Business Authority as project manager.